Private Red Light District walkingtour

Private Red Light District walkingtour

Discover the Red Light District and all her secrets! You will hear stories from both the past and today. The tour will take 2 hours and includes a drink at the end in a typical Dutch pub. The tour starts at the old (former) harbour of Amsterdam, the place where the sailors came back after being a long time at sea. The first thing they would do is go for a beer in one of the bars around the corner and then for a round around the old church. After a short introduction Linda takes you to the Red Light District, but it’s not just ‘window shopping’. This district is one of Amsterdams oldest districts, so there is more to see and discover. What did the local goverment do to banish prostitution in the 17th century? And what was the reason for women to become a prostitute?

How does it work today? How much is the rent for the window and why is the Red Light District full with red lights? Linda will give you answers to all these questions and many more! For her it’s very important to make a combination of fun, the real story, history and respect for the ladies.

1-4 persons: €150
5-6 persons: €9 per person extra

Meeting point:

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