Your Corona Proof Guide

Tours in times of corona will look different but can still take place!

These days are very different from what we were used to. It’s new to all of us. Regulations are changing day by day!

For now it is possible in the Netherlands to do private walkingtours. When you’re visiting us with your family we can easily make a walkingtour together. Check the special Deal: Corona-Proof Private Walking Tours here!

Important though is to keep WhatsApp Image 2020-05-02 at 18.24.02(3)distance of 4,5 feet (1,5 meter). The tour can not take place if one of the family members has symptoms. In that case you can cancel the tour without any problems.

It is necessary to wear a face mask in public transport. Terraces are open again between 6 am and 8 pm. Shops can be visited again and also markets are reopened. Outdoor public places are reopened, but most of them need to be reserved on forehand, so don’t forget to check their website!

Good news! From on the 5th of June:

  • Group size outdoors: 4 people
    The maximum group size will increase to 4 people. This means that you can be outdoors with three other people. Or you can engage in an outdoor activity with 3 other people. 
  • Cultural venues  
    Museums and historic buildings may reopen their indoor spaces. Cinemas – including art house cinemas -, pop music venues, and theatres can also open their doors again. Reservations can be made for up to 4 people. This limit does not apply to children under 13 and people who are part of the same household. 
  • Recreation 
    Indoor spaces at amusement parks, nature parks and zoos may reopen. These include, for example, reptile houses and covered attractions. Casinos, play and recreational facilities (for example, laser gaming venues), saunas and spas may also reopen.  Reservations can be made for up to 4 people. This limit does not apply to children and people who are part of the same household. When indoors visitors must wear a face mask.
  • Restaurants, cafés and bars 
    Establishments serving food and drink can be open from 06.00 to 22.00. A maximum of 4 people are allowed to sit at a table and they must be seated 1.5 metres apart. The same maximum applies to outdoor seating areas. Restaurants and cafés can serve dinner in a maximum of two sittings per table per evening. 

    Next steps of the reopening plan

    The fourth step of the reopening plan is now planned for 30 June. This is when, for instance, the advice for receiving visitors at home and rules on group sizes will be adjusted again. Under step 4, events where guests don’t have an assigned seat will be allowed, subject to 1.5-metre distancing or entry passes, as well as other conditions. Examples include festivals, concerts and funfairs. However, these events must take account of local rules and requirements, such as permits. Discotheques and nightclubs also fall under this provision. The government will decide on 22 June whether to implement step 4 as planned. See the overview of the reopening plan and the measures to be lifted at each step. 

This information comes from the official website of the Dutch government. Want to read more? Click here!

Together we make the best out of it. Hope to see you soon! Stay safe!


Official website from the Dutch Government about the coronavirus

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