Linda Presents Amsterdam Tour

Linda Presents Amsterdam Tour

Join us on this friendly priced Linda Presents Amsterdam Tour.

It’s a 2/2,5 hour walking tour passing all the highlights of the city like: the Jordan District, Westerchurch, Anne Frank House, Dam square and the beguinage.
You will discover Amsterdam with and like a local!
There will be two tours leaving, one will be given in English and the other in German.

Very important… What does it cost?
It only costs €15 per person.
We kindly ask you to pay in cash before the tour starts.

How does it work?
Subscribe yourself on the website before the tour starts. You can find the form on the end of this page. The tour will continue no matter the weather conditions. The evening before you will receive a confirmation mail. In case of less then 4 participants the tour doesn’t continue, but in that case you will get a special offer for a private tour! The maximum amount of participants is 15, so a nice small group!

Where and what time do we meet?
Every Saturday:

10.00 am (English tour)
12.30 pm (German tour)

Meeting point:

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