Linda Presents…

… the guide in me and the performer/presenter.
As Linda wanted to give an official start to her guiding company she was thinking about an original name. Her colleague Elysia came up with the name ‘Linda Presents’. The idea behind the name is that you can put everything behind it, like Linda Presents Amsterdam, Linda Presents the country side or Linda Presents the Red Light District.

Beside of guiding Linda is a performer and presenter as well. So the name Linda Presents is a logical choice.

About Linda
Linda is living in Amsterdam since 2009. From on the beginning she had the feeling that she wanted to share her new city with others.
The first years she was working at Madame Tussauds. As Madame Tussauds is situated on Dam square in the middle of the old city she really had the feeling being a part of the city.
After 3 years there was nothing else she wanted to do but guiding! So Linda started working at HTG Services/ Kamstra in 2012. With a lot of joy she learned the ins and outs of guiding by doing it! Since she started guiding she knew that her passion for the city, entertaining, presenting and organising all came together.
In 2014 she was ready to start her own company: Linda Presents.
As Linda is saying: she is not working as a guide, but she is a guide!

National Guide by ROC van Amsterdam
Graduation National Guide by ROC van Amsterdam!

In December 2016 Linda graduated as a National Guide by ROC van Amsterdam. In Januar 2017 she passed the Guidor GIVAK exams and now she is an official Guidor member.